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Athens Backcountry Shore Excursion
  • Athens Backcountry Shore Excursion

    Artikelnummer: PIRAEUS001

    Embark on a private safari tour to Parnitha's National Park, a serene escape just 40 km from Athens. This tour for up to 6 persons per vehicle promises a nature-filled retreat away from city stress, exploring lush forests, diverse wildlife, and picturesque landscapes.
    Nature's Tranquil Path: Saint Stephanos and Beletsi Lake: Our journey begins as we pick you up from the port, setting off towards the serene destination of Saint Stephanos. We'll take a scenic drive, making a refreshing stop at Saint Stephanos for a delightful coffee break amid picturesque surroundings.
    Continuing our excursion, we'll head towards the stunning Beletsi lake, an artificial marvel nestled amidst the mountainous terrain. Here, you'll have the perfect opportunity to capture the enchanting landscape with a photo stop that rivals the beauty of the Alps.
    Chapels in Wilderness: Off-Road Charm: From Beletsi lake, our route leads us to the Saint Mercurios chapel, an off-road adventure through lush forests teeming with pine trees, goats, and natural springs. Pause for a photo stop at this picturesque chapel, offering a moment of tranquility amidst the natural splendor.
    Continuing our off-road journey, we'll proceed to the Prophet Ilias chapel, another captivating stop boasting breathtaking vistas. You'll have the chance to capture the essence of the mountainous landscape and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this remote location.
    Parnitha Wildlife Natural Park Exploration: Our expedition continues as we navigate towards the Parnitha Wildlife Natural Park, an off-road trek rich with endemic plants, diverse wildlife, and stunning vistas. This stop promises captivating photo opportunities amidst the lush vegetation and unique fauna.
    Historical Marvels: Discover Filis Fortress: Next, we'll visit Filis Fortress, a historical gem nestled amidst the natural beauty. You'll have the chance to capture the allure of this ancient structure with a photo stop before we proceed to Fili village for a sumptuous lunch break at a traditional Greek tavern.
    Scenic Return Journey: Savoring the flavors of Greek Mediterranean cuisine, we'll embark on our return journey, passing through charming villages as we make our way back to Pireaus port. Capture the final moments of this unforgettable escapade with more scenic photo opportunities along the way.
    Indulge in a unique escape into nature's embrace, led by expert escort drivers in premium off-road vehicles. With a blend of professional service and relaxed exploration, this tour offers an unforgettable day of adventure and panoramic vistas, enriched by the warmth of Greek hospitality.

    • This tour is available in the following languages

      English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands

    • Tour duration

      6-7 hours

    • Up to

      6 persons

    • Included

      *Free hotel pick up and drop off
      *Premium 7 seater off-road vehicles driven by escort-drivers
      * Coffee,tea or juice
      * Lunch with traditional Greek Platters (Meze)
      * Liability Insurance and local taxes

    • Not included

      * Coffee or beers or refreshments in tavern
      * Gratuities

    Preisab €155.00
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