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You are an official guide and / or private driver guide, Join us !

You are an official guide and / or private driver guide, Join us !

As of 2019, ShoreToursGuides is not just another online booking site. It is first and foremost a platform of professionals with a philosophy of premium service and unity in the different tours that allows customers to know exactly what to expect, no matter for where they book a tour on the site.


We aim to offer "discovery" or in-depth "all-inclusive" tours lasting from 2 to a maximum of 8 hours, all for one to approximately six people or more at the client's request.

In addition to your experienced guide service, these tours include transportation by private vehicle when necessary, entrance to the various sites to avoid queuing and your personal touch that makes the difference.

Clients are picked up at their hotel or at the ship's pier in the case of a cruise, and returned to the same place once the tour is over.


This means high added value for you


We rely on a network of independent guides and professional drivers like you to ensure that your customers have unforgettable memories of their visit.
In most cases, prices are quoted per tour regardless of the number of participants, as your time spent is always the same. Adjustments are made when tours include tickets to monuments or other attractions and when they include lunch.

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The site was created in 2019 just before the health crisis and we already thought at that time that the excursion market would evolve towards more independence from customers.


Covid has only accelerated this phenomenon.

Today, many customers want to move away from the excursions offered by the cruise lines and tour operators to private tours that are more user-friendly, away from the crowds and often even cheaper in the end. That's why we believe there is a growing demand and our 100% European website (designed and managed in Europe) connects clients looking for quality private tours with passionate independent guides who will help them discover the treasures of their region through high quality excursions.


No doubt growth and demand will return to pre-crisis levels, but we believe that your job should evolve towards being more customer friendly and addressing groups limited to a family or group of friends without losing income and having much more rewarding experiences.


How does it work for you?


You control your tours from A to Z.

Each partner guide determines the tour(s) she or he wants to organise. For each tour, the client should be picked up as close as possible to the cruise ship or hotel and brought back to the same place at the end of the tour.

Whenever possible, tours are only conducted in private vehicles (air-conditioning, cold drinks and, if possible, Wi-Fi on board).

You then establish the price of the tour(s) you are proposing. This is the price that will be paid to you once the tour is over.

Once the tour has been approved by our team, it is then posted online with our mark-up.



For your convenience, ShoreTours handles the customer relationship and payments for your tours on your behalf. We then send you the money received every Tuesday after your tour has finished.

See our FAQs

Finally, there are no costs for you, neither at registration nor later.


Your registration on our platform is, of course, completely free and without obligation.


It couldn't be easier!


So if you share our philosophy, join us now!

Not yet convinced?

Here are 4 Reasons to Use ShoreToursGuides for Your Private Tour Guide Services


Today’s travelers are more tech-savvy than ever before. With so many digital tools available at our fingertips, customers are now able to do their own research and find the best deals faster than ever before. The result is that businesses must now stand out from the crowd to win over customers. Joining a booking platform can be an excellent way for private tour guide services to do just that. A booking platform makes it easier for customers to book tours, enables them to pay directly through the platform, and gives businesses access to a range of analytical tools that can help improve their services. Here are 4 reasons why ShoreToursGuides is ideal for your private tour guide services:


It’s easier for customers to book tours through ShoreToursGuides

ShoreToursGuides make it easier for customers to find the tours they want and make bookings. The technology makes it easy for customers to browse through a range of private tour guide services, select the type of tour they want, and book it with just a few clicks. Customers then pay for the tours directly through the platform—so there’s no need for you to accept payments directly from customers. This eliminates the risk of scams, which is a big concern in the private tour guide services industry. The booking platform also gives you access to customer data, allowing you to communicate with them directly through the platform. This is an important feature if you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers.


It provides an easy way for customers to communicate with your business

ShoreToursGuides offers tools that make it easy for you to communicate with customers before, during, and after their tours. This might include an integrated calendar that allows you to plan your tours, a messaging tool for customers to contact you, and a “help” section that provides answers to common questions. All of these features can help you provide better service to customers, including those who book tours with you directly. ShoreToursGuides also makes it easy for you to communicate directly with customers who book tours with your business through the platform. The platform gives you access to the customers’ details, which allows you to send them emails with important information. This can be anything from an email asking customers to review your business to an email that reminds them about their tour.


ShoreToursGuides has good visibility on search engines

ShoreToursGuides does a lot of marketing to promote your private tour guide services. All of this marketing will increase the platform’s visibility on search engines. This will help you win more customers through the platform, which is a great way to boost sales. On the other hand, if you decide to build your own website and implement the booking option yourself, you won’t get the same kind of exposure. This means that you’ll have to work harder to win new customers and will likely lose some customers who visit your site but don’t book due to lack of visibility.


By joining ShoreToursGuides, you’re positioning your business to benefit from the “platform economy”

The “platform economy” is a term used to describe the growing importance of booking platforms in a number of industries. As the name suggests, the “platform economy” describes a business model in which a marketplace or platform connects buyers and sellers to each other. The booking platform itself doesn’t create the products or services offered on the platform. Instead, it brings buyers and sellers together, allowing them to transact directly, while taking a small percentage of each sale as a fee. Services such as Airbnb and Uber have helped increase the popularity of platforms that operate in this way. If you decide to join a booking platform, it will be easier to adopt the platform economy model and benefit from the huge growth of these types of platforms.



Ultimately, the decision to join ShoreToursGuides will depend on the specific needs of your private tour guide services business. However, in general, ShoreToursGuides makes it easier for customers to book tours, provides an easy way for customers to communicate with businesses, offers good visibility on search engines, and positions businesses to benefit from the platform economy.

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